Tuesday, December 6, 2011

JATP calls on George Allen Campaign for Retraction and Apology for False Claim of Endorsement

The George Allen for U.S. Senate campaign issued a press release on November 22 claiming the endorsement of over 100 Tea Party activists and leaders throughout the Commonwealth.  The release also stated that the "Virginia Tea Party Patriots" endorsed George Allen for election to the Senate. (See release here: http://www.georgeallen.com/2011/11/6732/)

We have confirmed that a number of people identified in the release did not give an endorsement to George Allen.  Among this group were two members of the JATP.  Because each person's name had the name its Tea Party affiliation printed beneath it, we are concerned this could be misinterpreted as our direct or de-facto endorsement of George Allen.  The JATP does not endorse political candidates.

Also, the press release was titled "Virginia Tea Party Patriots Endorse George Allen for U.S. Senate".  The name the Allen campaign gave to the collective group is highly coincidental because it is name of the Virginia federation to which the JATP and over 40 other Tea Party groups belong as members.  That federation is the Virginia Tea Party Patriots.

Numerous and repeated efforts by the JATP to get a retraction and a public apology from the George Allen campaign have failed to yield results.  While the JATP name and the names of our two members have been deleted from the current online version of the release (still posted on the Allen campaign web site), this internal action by itself is unacceptable.  

The JATP calls for a statement from the Allen campaign to include a retraction of all incorrect endorsements, a clarification about the Virginia Tea Party Patriots, and a public apology to our group and all others that have been adversely affected by this incident.

The JATP maintains its firm policy to not issue candidate endorsements.  Instead, we choose to empower the voter with information about our core principles, provide education about the issues and access to the candidates, and encourage the voter to formulate his or her own opinion.  We are justifiably dismayed at the confusion caused by the George Allen for U.S. Senate campaign, and we expect full and immediate action by them to set the record straight.
Carole Thorpe, Chairwoman of the Jefferson Area Tea Party

JATP Calls for the Inclusion of all Candidates in Upcoming VA Senate Debate - Press Release

The Jefferson Area Tea Party opposes and denounces the attempt by the Virginia Associated Press Managing Editors and the Virginia Capitol  Correspondents Association (VCCA) to effectively pre-empt the Virginia Senate primary process by hosting a general election debate on Wednesday, December 7 in Richmond.  The debate will be part of Associated Press Day at the Capitol and moderated by Bob Gibson, executive director of the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at UVA.
Seven of the nine candidates did not meet the sponsors' qualifications of averaging at least 15 percent in published, non-candidate primary polls and amassing an amount of money equal to at least 20 percent of the candidate's associated party front runner.  In our opinion, the bar was set exceptionally high for a December 2011 debate that is scheduled prior to any primary debates.
It is obvious that the "marquee billing" of the two current front runners, George Allen (R) and Tim Kaine (D), gives VAP and VCCA a sense of power and inflated self-importance.  And it is equally obvious to see why Allen and Kaine are all too willing to risk a call of un-sportsmanlike conduct by failing to protest the lockout of their primary opponents.  This is precisely the business-as-usual political high jinx that has contributed to the crisis in America today.  But all of these parties involved, including moderator Bob Gibson, are doing a blatant disservice to Virginia voters and the candidates left on the outside looking in.  It seems to us that it is certainly early enough in the process for an all-inclusive debate.    
May we remind the Virginia AP and the VCCA is the right of the voters to choose the general election candidates and not theirs?  To them, the primary process may seem like a pesky inconvenience but it is a vital step for We the People.   
The JATP calls for the inclusion of Kevin Chisholm (I), Tim Donner (R), Bishop E.W. Jackson (R), Courtney Lynch (D), David McCormick (R), Julien Modica (D), and Jaime Radtke (R) in the name of fair civic process. 
And if the debate sponsors cannot bring themselves to refrain from imposing undue influence on the voters, we call on George Allen and Tim Kaine to rise above and do the unselfish act of refusing to debate without all of their competitors present.
Issued 12/6/2011 
Carole Thorpe, Chairwoman of the Jefferson Area Tea Party

JATP Stands in Support of Richmond Tea Party - Press Release

The Jefferson Area Tea Party stands in support of the Richmond Tea Party's efforts to recoup thousands of dollars it spent in compliance with City of Richmond event ordinances, due to the double-standard of favoritism applied by city government to Occupy Richmond.
In Charlottesville, we recently witnessed the similar actions of a government gone wild that gave unprecedented waivers and accommodations to a single group with whom it shared political kinship.  This failure of equal protection under the law is playing out in cities all across America - and perhaps most heinously in Richmond, where an incredibly coincidental tax audit was imposed on the Tea Party shortly following its request for an $8,000.00 rebate of fees and expenses it had to pay for its events that were waived for Occupy Richmond.
While the JATP opted to pay its bills and to not ask for a rebate of past expenses (nominal by comparison to those of the RTP), we support the effort of any Tea Party group in a similar circumstance that chooses to seek reimbursement and stand for principle. 
We condemn the blatantly heavy-handed, punitive tactics of Mayor Dwight C. Jones and the City of Richmond government, and call on them to cease abusing their power in contradiction to their sworn duty to equally administer the law and represent all of its citizens in a fair manner.
Issued 12/6/2011 
Carole Thorpe, Chairwoman of the Jefferson Area Tea Party

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gov. Sarah Palin's Decision to not Run - My Analysis

Gov. Sarah Palin decided this week not to run for the office of President. We love her commitment to Conservative principals of small government and her decision not to run was quite a blow.  Here's my analysis of the past 30+ days and how she may have come to her decision and why we Palinistas were so "stunned".

For those of us who were in Indianola, Iowa - we came away with certainty that she would run. Her speech that day was a high energy, policy speech and for a moment we thought she was going to announce.  If you haven't heard this go here and listen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl5lhZKgobM .

Then she appeared with Hannity and spoke once again about policy and stated that it will be up to the ‘GOP’ to make change. Her usual passion and “spark” was toned down a bit, but it still seemed she was going to run http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLEkWK4pB5s&feature=related .  The unconventional process she kept referring too made us think – ‘yep she's in’. At about 12 mins into this interview she seems to be pro Perry, ugh.

In the Sept. 27th interview with Greta - Palin seemed to be endorsing "Herb" Cain. At around 8 mins into this interview Greta questions her about running and she talks, for the first time, about a title and campaign being too "shackling". We should have listened more closely - this is where she had started to decide, imho, not to run. Of course - we Palinistas didn't want to hear this. There was even a comment that "look she's in a running suit." She also spoke about her trip to Israel and she was effective without the title.  Listen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAL67J1w54M .  The being "rogue" and "maverick" without a title was a hint.

Her appearance at the Extraordinary Women’s conference in Lynchburg indicated, to me, that there were security concerns. I had tickets and questioned a colleague of mine, involved with this group, about the agenda. She told me they would not be giving out a specific agenda on times because of security concerns for the Governor.  We knew in Indianola that Governor Palin would speak around 1:00 pm.  Why no time was given for Lynchburg makes me wonder if security concerns for herself and her family might have something to do with her final decision.

Finally, on the Bob and Mark show she talked about how much money was in her PAC.  At around 11:30 she starts to talk about money and how much Obama will have versus other people. SarahPac has $1.1 million she states.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKzVkjnjWl4&feature=player_embedded .  Was money part of her decision? Did she not realize we were waiting for her to announce for a money bomb?  She also talks about the kids being 50/50 on her running.  Piper of course is in and my guess is that Bristol and Willow were not.

One last consideration – I think Tammy Bruce (http://tammybruce.com) is correct in that Sarah does not realize how strong her base is and she does not want to take a chance on running, becoming the nominee, and possibly losing the election to Obama.  “Anybody but Obama”…….  She is also correct in that a President will need a Tea Party Congress to make any real change or progress in saving our country from this socialist, leftist, Marxist agenda.  We must hope she can help candidates like Jamie Radtke get elected over more RINOs like George Allen.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Sugar Daddy Has Run Out of Sugar; Now We Need New Leaders

Gov. Sarah Palin has a new post on Facebook, once again, telling it straight. ..."It’s a matter of public record that I did not go to Harvard Law School, but I can add." Run Sarah Run!

Barack Obama’s big government policies continue to fail. He should put a link to the national debt clock on his BlackBerry. The gears on that clock have nearly exploded during his administration. Yesterday’s terrible job numbers should not be a surprise because it all goes back to our debt. Our dangerously unsustainable debt is wiping out our jobs, crippling our economic growth, and jeopardizing our position in the global economy as the leader of the free world.

As a governor, I had to deal with facts, even unpleasant ones. I dealt with the world as it is, not as I wished it to be. The “elite” political class in this country with their heads in the sand had better face some unpleasant facts about the world as it is. They’ve run out of money and no amount of accounting gimmicks or happy talk will change this reality. Those of us who live in the real world could see this day coming.

Back in January 2009, as governor of Alaska, I announced: “We also have to be mindful about the effect of the stimulus package on the national debt and the future economic health of the country. We won’t achieve long-term stability if we continue borrowing massive sums from foreign countries and remain dependent on foreign sources of oil and gas.” Then I urged President Obama to veto the stimulus bill because it was loaded with absolutely useless pork and unfunded mandates. Everyone knows my early and vocal opposition to that mother of all unfunded mandates known as Obamacare starting back in August 2009, and many recall my objections to the Federal Reserves’ inflationary games with our currency known as QE2 from November 2010. It’s a matter of public record that I did not go to Harvard Law School, but I can add.

The same “experts” who got us into this mess are now telling us that the only way out of our debt crisis is to “increase revenue,” but not by creating more jobs and therefore a larger tax base; no, they want to “increase revenue” by raising taxes on job creators who are taxed enough already! As Margaret Thatcher said, “The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” That’s where we are now. Hard working taxpayers have been big government’s Sugar Daddy for far too long, and now we’re out of sugar. We don’t want big government, we can’t afford it, and we are unwilling to pay for it.

This debt ceiling debate is the perfect time to do what must be done. We must cut. Yes, I’m for a balanced budget amendment and for enforceable spending caps. But first and foremost we must cut spending, not “strike a deal” that allows politicians to raise more debt! See, Washington is addicted to OPM – Other People’s Money. And like any junkie, they will lie, steal, and cheat to fund their addiction. We must cut them off and cut government down to size.

To paraphrase Hemingway, people go broke slowly and then all at once. We’ve been slowly going broke for years, but now it’s happening all at once as the world’s capital markets are demanding action from us, yet Obama assumes we'll just go borrow another cup of sugar from some increasingly impatient neighbor. We cannot knock on anyone’s door anymore. And we don’t have any time to wait for Washington to start behaving responsibly. We’ll be Greece before these D.C. politicians’ false promises are over. We must force government to live within its means, just as every business and household does.

We can’t close our $1.5 trillion deficit overnight, but we must get as close as we can as soon as we can. Little nibbles here and there over 10 years (spun to sound like they’re huge budget cuts) aren’t anywhere near enough. I know from experience that cutting government spending isn’t easy. As governor, I made the largest veto cuts in my state’s history, and I didn’t make many friends doing it. But we will never recover, we will never get free of devastating debt, unless we make tough choices now. We don’t hear talk like this from leaders in D.C. or from those running for office because they say what they think we want to hear rather than what must be said.

We are in desperate need of real leadership, but President Obama’s solution to everything is to grow government by borrowing more money, spending more money, printing more money, and taxing our job creators. He once said that he “believes in American Exceptionalism…just as the Greeks believe in Greek Exceptionalism.” Well, the path he has us on will make us just as “exceptional” as Greece – debt crisis, stagnation, permanent high unemployment, and all.

As we approach 2012, there are important lessons we can learn from all of this. First, we should never entrust the White House to a far-left ideologue who has no appreciation or even understanding of the free market and limited government principles that made this country economically strong. Second, the office of the presidency is too important for on-the-job training. It requires a strong chief executive who has been entrusted with real authority in the past and has achieved a proven track record of positive measurable accomplishments. Leaders are expected to give good speeches, but leadership is so much more than oratory. Real leadership requires deeds even more than words. It means taking on the problems no one else wants to tackle. It means providing vision and guidance, inspiring people to action, bringing everyone to the table, and with a servant's heart dedicating oneself to striking agreements that keep faith with our Constitution and with the ordinary citizens who entrusted you with power. It means bucking the status quo, fighting the corrupt powers that be, serving the common good, and leaving the country better than you found it. Most of us don’t see a lot of that real leadership in D.C., and it’s profoundly disappointing.

But let me tell you where real hope lies. It’s not the hopey-changey stuff we heard about in 2008. Real hope comes from realizing how God has blessed our exceptional nation, and then doing something about it. We have been blessed with natural resources, hardworking entrepreneurs, and a Constitution that preserves the greatest form of government ever devised by man. If we develop those natural resources, allow our entrepreneurs to keep and invest more of what they earn, and adhere to the time-tested truths of our Constitution, we will prosper and endure.

But first and foremost we must tackle our debt. We don’t have the luxury of playing politics as usual. We need real leaders who will put aside their own political self-interest to do what is right for the nation. And if they don’t emerge… well, America has a do-over in November 2012.

- Sarah Palin

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why We Need Sarah Palin to become President in 2012

'The Undefeated' Sarah Palin is an existential threat to the existing political establishment

The title says it all and if you watch and listen carefully, as their campaigns continue, you will hear Bachmann, Pawlenty, Mittens...borrowing Gov. Palin's phrases and tone. The fact that the GOP establishment is as fearful of Palin as the left tells us where we're headed in this country and it's not a pretty sight.

AP Poll: Palin is Republican Favorite 

C4P wonders how they missed this...maybe because it's in the 20th paragraph of the Associated Press story. 

Governor Palin, Iowa, and the Everyday Voter

What Governor Palin does best ... connecting and listening to the American People. If you have any doubt of her abilities go out and see "The Undefeated" , read all of her policy posts under "Notes" on her facebook page http://www.facebook.com/sarahpalin?sk=notes then if you think she doesn't have what it takes to be POTUS you're either GOP establishment or a lefty liberal - just sayin'.

Dems Don’t Have Budget, Have 9.1% Unemployment, Have Tripled Deficit… But Will Push DREAM Act for Illegal Aliens

We must elect someone who will stand up to this madness that is destroying our country. The GOP establishment is doing nothing and some are actually voting for this crap.....

No Budget Senate to “streamline” appointments

Friday, May 6, 2011

Who was the Coward? by L.E.McKee

In the end, Osama bin Laden proved to be yellow-bellied spineless coward.

Not because he hid from capture for ten years. All criminals hit and run. None of them stick around waiting for retribution though they know eventually it will come.

On 9/11 at Ground Zero, two hijacked commercial airplanes were flown into the World Trade Center towers leveling them to the ground. No one inside the buildings or out could ever have anticipated let alone imagined an act of such profound barbarism. And on 9/11, Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaida terrorists became known in every household across America.

As the numerous details emerge of the United States SEALs raid on the bin Laden fortress in Pakistan, we have learned a few facts many Americans had already guessed. Osama bin Laden was a spineless bastard.

Osama was skillful in conditioning impressionable Muslims to kill themselves in order to murder others. He was adept at convincing Muslims to blow themselves up in crowded places or fly planes into buildings using the false promise of 72 virgins as a reward in the afterlife for carrying out such homicidal acts. Osama himself, though, always remained safely away from the 72 virgins.

The New York City firefighters and police officers that ran into the flaming towers and lost their lives did not need the promise of 72 virgins to willingly place themselves in harm’s way trying to rescue fellow Americans.

Who was the coward?

It has been reported that during the SEALs raid, bin Laden appeared “completely confused” and “scared” and shoved his wife, his youngest, prettiest, and favorite wife, into the path of the SEALs in an attempt to shield himself and escape.

Ordinary people working at their desks were completely confused, scared, and in shock not knowing what had happened. In the mayhem, fire, heat and dense smoke of the burning buildings, confused, scared and in shock, they traversed numerous flights of stairs to get outside to safety. These ordinary people didn’t shove their fellow citizens out of their way. These ordinary people didn’t abandon each other to save themselves. These ordinary people banded together as Americans and helped each other to escape a horrific nightmare.

Who was the coward?

Too many that were trapped above the fire and smoke jumped to their death rather than be incinerated.

Who was the coward?

When Todd Beamer and other passengers of Flight 93 learned of their impending fate, they didn’t just sit idly by. With Todd’s rallying cry of “let’s roll” they bravely, and without the promise of 72 virgins, sacrificed themselves, stormed the cockpit and prevented the murder of their fellow citizens.

Who was the coward?

Osama bin Laden knew this day was coming. It’s the day he had been hiding from for ten years. And when the day of reckoning finally came, instead of martyring himself as he had been promising, his only preparedness after ten years was an attempt at escape by sacrificing his "favorite" wife.

On 9/11, no American in either tower; no American on any hijacked plane; no American at the Pentagon; no American that woke up that morning, knew this day was coming. The victims, their families, nor any American was prepared for such a horrific act. Unaware, unprepared, completely confused, scared and with no promises, they banded together as Americans and looked out for and sacrificed for each other.

So I ask you, who was the coward and who were the brave?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teaparty Extremist?? You Ain't Seen Nothin’ Yet! We ARE Going to Take Our Country Back. Like it or not.

I have a few suggestions for the majority of morons in Washington DC pretending to be interested in reducing our debt. The first steps need to take place there. The political elite need to "feel the pain" of reducing this mountain of debt first - we're in this position because of their choices and the overwhelming growth of Government.

To Teaparty patriots:  we need to go back to Washington in huge numbers and shut that city down until they cut the waste in their own backyard.

To the only peeps attempting to do something: Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Allen West, Michele Bachmann, and Teaparty freshman – here’s a few suggestions – Just Sayin’

#1 – Congress needs to pass a bill that will forever protect the salaries of our troops so they can never become a political pawn again.

#2 – Defund and Repeal Obamacare – allow insurance companies to compete across state lines, tort reform (how many times do we have to say this?)

#3 – Fire, defund all of the Obama Czars and their staff.

#4 – Congress needs to reduce their staff, petty cash funds, travel expenses, and take a salary cut. Perhaps you could work 3 or 4 days a week – is that too much to ask?

#5 – Cut the U.S. Department of Education by 2/3 - leave this to states. Cut the EPA by 2/3.

#6 – Cut NPR, Planned Parenthood….

#7 – REAL Tax incentives for businesses: get manufacturing back to the U.S.

#8 – Cut funding of the U.N. by 2/3; or better yet cut them entirely!

#9 – No more taxpayer funded vacations for BO, MO and their entourage!

#10 – Stop paying for upscale office space for Billy Jeff and pool, yard maintenance for Jima, and other similar wasteful spending that shouldn’t be paid for by the American people!

#11 – No more limousine services for Bawney Fwank and others to travel a “block” to get to their offices.

#12 – If Obama wants to play golf – let him pay for secret service protection and other fees.

#13 – Stop paying for Obama to fly all over the country campaigning. We should pay for travel only when dealing with “We the People’s” business. Let George Soros continue to pay for Obama’s 2012 campaign.

#14 – Most important Drill Here, Drill NOW.

You get the picture. The pain of cuts should first happen in Washington D.C. – get back to the real world!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obama's Use of Islamic References

I don't know what Barack Obama's religious affiliation is - obviously whatever seems to work for him at any particular moment. It is very curious to me that he continues to use Islamic references either by mistake or on purpose.  

Remember the 57 states reference he made in the campaign? It just so happens that there are 57 member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference - count them http://www.oicun.org/3/28/  or WikipediA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organisation_of_the_Islamic_Conference

Here's the video of Obama making the claim to have visited 57 states http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpGH02DtIws . He is so brilliant...was this a mistake or the wrong reference accessed by his big old brain and then oooops!

Today I received an email from his Organizing for America group. I like to keep up, you know.  Here you will find a reference to the vision the President laid out in five pillars:

I googled five pillars and got the following top four links (there were more of the same type links - check it for yourself):
Five Pillars of Islam http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Pillars_of_Islam 
Images for Five Pillars  http://tinyurl.com/4tm7ugc 
What are the Five Pillars of Islam  http://www.islam-guide.com/ch3-16.htm 

Now maybe all of this is just a coincidence, but it is very interesting and we should continue to watch, listen, and take note of the terminology used by our "Christian" President.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Allen West - A True Conservative Standing Tall in Washington

 He is our great freshman leader and the old guard would do well to shut-up and listen for a change.  This is who we need to lead our country back from the brink.


Obama's Spending Spree: By the Numbers

There is little doubt that this is an increase in spending and taxes that will do nothing to save America from ruin. Of course, we know that's Obama and his leftist crony's plan.  They do not want us to be an exceptional Nation - they want us to be part of their Marxist - global community. Economic failure is a big step and an absolute necessity for their "new world order" to succeed.

Budget Battle Begins

House Republicans, led by budget chair Paul Ryan, will begin a three-day push today on a plan to cut spending and keep the government operating after March 4.  There is much to be done here and it will be painful...but not as painful as it will be if they don't seriously cut this spending monster off at the knees!

Paul Ryan has a good plan but should take some notes from John Stossel - here is a serious plan that will get America back on the right track with no government super train!

Iranian Lawmakers: Execute Opposition Leaders

Will Obama reach out to the protesters this time or say nothing while they are shot down in the street and disappeared?

FBI: 100 Percent Chance of WMD Attack

The probability that the U.S. will be hit with a weapons of mass destruction attack at some point is 100 percent, Dr. Vahid Majidi, the FBI’s assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, tells Newsmax.

Peter King: US Can Block WMD Attack on Homeland

“I’m being optimistic to the extent that I’m saying that if we do everything we can and if we don’t tie our hands behind our back we could well be able to stop it. There’s no guarantee, the only guarantee I can give you is they will try it. But I want to do all I can to make sure it doesn’t happen. I don’t want to be overly negative right now but I am concerned.”


Video: Indictment coming for Edwards? 

This has been going on for two-years and still they wait for a "green light" from the Justice Department.