Friday, May 6, 2011

Who was the Coward? by L.E.McKee

In the end, Osama bin Laden proved to be yellow-bellied spineless coward.

Not because he hid from capture for ten years. All criminals hit and run. None of them stick around waiting for retribution though they know eventually it will come.

On 9/11 at Ground Zero, two hijacked commercial airplanes were flown into the World Trade Center towers leveling them to the ground. No one inside the buildings or out could ever have anticipated let alone imagined an act of such profound barbarism. And on 9/11, Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaida terrorists became known in every household across America.

As the numerous details emerge of the United States SEALs raid on the bin Laden fortress in Pakistan, we have learned a few facts many Americans had already guessed. Osama bin Laden was a spineless bastard.

Osama was skillful in conditioning impressionable Muslims to kill themselves in order to murder others. He was adept at convincing Muslims to blow themselves up in crowded places or fly planes into buildings using the false promise of 72 virgins as a reward in the afterlife for carrying out such homicidal acts. Osama himself, though, always remained safely away from the 72 virgins.

The New York City firefighters and police officers that ran into the flaming towers and lost their lives did not need the promise of 72 virgins to willingly place themselves in harm’s way trying to rescue fellow Americans.

Who was the coward?

It has been reported that during the SEALs raid, bin Laden appeared “completely confused” and “scared” and shoved his wife, his youngest, prettiest, and favorite wife, into the path of the SEALs in an attempt to shield himself and escape.

Ordinary people working at their desks were completely confused, scared, and in shock not knowing what had happened. In the mayhem, fire, heat and dense smoke of the burning buildings, confused, scared and in shock, they traversed numerous flights of stairs to get outside to safety. These ordinary people didn’t shove their fellow citizens out of their way. These ordinary people didn’t abandon each other to save themselves. These ordinary people banded together as Americans and helped each other to escape a horrific nightmare.

Who was the coward?

Too many that were trapped above the fire and smoke jumped to their death rather than be incinerated.

Who was the coward?

When Todd Beamer and other passengers of Flight 93 learned of their impending fate, they didn’t just sit idly by. With Todd’s rallying cry of “let’s roll” they bravely, and without the promise of 72 virgins, sacrificed themselves, stormed the cockpit and prevented the murder of their fellow citizens.

Who was the coward?

Osama bin Laden knew this day was coming. It’s the day he had been hiding from for ten years. And when the day of reckoning finally came, instead of martyring himself as he had been promising, his only preparedness after ten years was an attempt at escape by sacrificing his "favorite" wife.

On 9/11, no American in either tower; no American on any hijacked plane; no American at the Pentagon; no American that woke up that morning, knew this day was coming. The victims, their families, nor any American was prepared for such a horrific act. Unaware, unprepared, completely confused, scared and with no promises, they banded together as Americans and looked out for and sacrificed for each other.

So I ask you, who was the coward and who were the brave?