Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18, 2010 - In the News

After the momentary glee of electing conservatives and taking back the house, I still worry that we have so much to overcome. They are still passing legislation that directly affects our freedom and liberty.  Yesterday, S 510 passed giving sweeping powers over our food supply to the government, 14 Republicans voted for this.  The government now has control over our healthcare and food supply.

The FDA is set to ban caffeine in alcoholic drinks as if dumbass college students will stop mixing the two together on their own.  "Poor ususpecting drinkers feeling awake and not entirely aware of how drunk they really are." - just ban alcohol on campuses altogether; see what that accomplishes.
and of course there are those horrible peeps at McDonalds, putting toys in dangerous Happy Meals and making all children fat and unhealthy.  Hmmmm, what next? Maybe removing the TV's from homes, or let's just take the fat kids away from bad Mommy and Daddy and put them in Gov't run training centers: hey works great in China!
Well, maybe that's a little over the top - the mayor did veto the ban, but you get my point.

They are slamming things through in this lame duck session and we need to be vigilant.  Allen West cannot get there fast enough.

and here are just a few links as to why we so desperately need him and others like him in Washington.

DREAM ACT - The road to amnesty.  Please make calls - we have to stop this.

Senator Rockefeller: FCC Should shut down Fox News and MSNBC 

Sharpton To Schultz: FCC Should Threaten Radio Stations Carrying Rush

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010 - In the News

John Boehner (the Tan Man) and Eric Cantor will grant incoming freshmen more say in the party’s direction. What?? We still have a few "good ole boys" who just don't get it.
Is this an attempt to appease the Tea Party and avoid Bachmann?

Are we really going back to the "next in line" crap that gave us John McCain in 2008? The Tan Man is ignoring the great work and accomplishments of Michele Bachmann and so far, refusing to consider her for a leadership position. 

We put you in a position of leadership by default Tan Man - we can, and will kick you out! Careful Mr. Cantor we're watching you too.

No Illegal Alien Pilot Left Behind Michelle Malkin, in all her wisdom:  

Chalk up another Code Red Elmo moment for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. While Islamic terrorists groom suicide bombers starting in kindergarten, the grownups in charge of protecting America can't seem to reach an elementary level of competence.

Amen Michelle - our luck or God's grace in protecting us is going to run out sooner or later. Oh yes, they will ban toner cartridges on flights, that should fix everything??? A rocket, identified as an ICBM by some experts, fired off the coast of California - no one has an effing clue people!!!!

Wonderful: Military not sure yet who fired “big missile” off California coast; Update: Airplane?

and the absolute corruption:

Inspector General report shows Obama WH rewrote Gulf spill report to support moratorium

Well, not many of us are at all surprised, only at the admission - just sayin'

Slate Reporter Misses Entire Point of Palin WSJ Critique

  Yep, the future President gets up in the morning and has everyone going wee-wee-wee all the way home. Don't you just love it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5, 2010 - In the News

U.N. Human Rights Council to Take Aim at ... United States

This is the perfect opportunity to make some big budget cuts, dump the U.N. and get them out of the U.S.  The Council members are ready to take to the microphone and let us have it - China, Cuba, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela...and Iran. So while we're there participating in this fiasco, we should let them know that since we're the bad guys we should no longer participate in funding the U.N. or any other projects in these countries. That will save a trillion dollars pretty damn quick!

Bachmann Bid for Leadership Gets Cool Reaction

Are the political elite turning their backs on us already.  It seems that the "good ole boy" network is alive and thinks it will continue to thrive in Washington.  Will they never learn?  We will fire you in 2012 - PAY ATTENTION to the people who voted for you. 

Stimulus follies: $535 million down the drain in California in “green jobs”

If I comment on this there would just be lots of profanity - so read Ed Morrissey's  great post at Hot Air instead.

Tuesday's Election Could Put Us Back on the Right Track 

The operative word here is could - we will be on their asses; are you with me?

Get to Work Repealing Obamacare

Can we have some kind of ceremony when this piece of crap gets repealed? Is there some new bomb the military needs to test and we can all gather in the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona and blow the mother up!! Seriously, maybe we can take a few members of the Mexican drug cartel along with this monstrosity - just sayin'.

Mittens and Huckawas could beat Obama in 2012

So could my cat....that is all.

Did Olbermann violate NBC ethics code by contributing to Democrats?

Olbermann violates some ethics code every time he opens his mouth, just sayin.