Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gov. Sarah Palin's Decision to not Run - My Analysis

Gov. Sarah Palin decided this week not to run for the office of President. We love her commitment to Conservative principals of small government and her decision not to run was quite a blow.  Here's my analysis of the past 30+ days and how she may have come to her decision and why we Palinistas were so "stunned".

For those of us who were in Indianola, Iowa - we came away with certainty that she would run. Her speech that day was a high energy, policy speech and for a moment we thought she was going to announce.  If you haven't heard this go here and listen .

Then she appeared with Hannity and spoke once again about policy and stated that it will be up to the ‘GOP’ to make change. Her usual passion and “spark” was toned down a bit, but it still seemed she was going to run .  The unconventional process she kept referring too made us think – ‘yep she's in’. At about 12 mins into this interview she seems to be pro Perry, ugh.

In the Sept. 27th interview with Greta - Palin seemed to be endorsing "Herb" Cain. At around 8 mins into this interview Greta questions her about running and she talks, for the first time, about a title and campaign being too "shackling". We should have listened more closely - this is where she had started to decide, imho, not to run. Of course - we Palinistas didn't want to hear this. There was even a comment that "look she's in a running suit." She also spoke about her trip to Israel and she was effective without the title.  Listen here .  The being "rogue" and "maverick" without a title was a hint.

Her appearance at the Extraordinary Women’s conference in Lynchburg indicated, to me, that there were security concerns. I had tickets and questioned a colleague of mine, involved with this group, about the agenda. She told me they would not be giving out a specific agenda on times because of security concerns for the Governor.  We knew in Indianola that Governor Palin would speak around 1:00 pm.  Why no time was given for Lynchburg makes me wonder if security concerns for herself and her family might have something to do with her final decision.

Finally, on the Bob and Mark show she talked about how much money was in her PAC.  At around 11:30 she starts to talk about money and how much Obama will have versus other people. SarahPac has $1.1 million she states. .  Was money part of her decision? Did she not realize we were waiting for her to announce for a money bomb?  She also talks about the kids being 50/50 on her running.  Piper of course is in and my guess is that Bristol and Willow were not.

One last consideration – I think Tammy Bruce ( is correct in that Sarah does not realize how strong her base is and she does not want to take a chance on running, becoming the nominee, and possibly losing the election to Obama.  “Anybody but Obama”…….  She is also correct in that a President will need a Tea Party Congress to make any real change or progress in saving our country from this socialist, leftist, Marxist agenda.  We must hope she can help candidates like Jamie Radtke get elected over more RINOs like George Allen.